President's Message

We began as a chemical maker for zinc plating in 1972 and we have been able to grow along with our customer. Since our foundation, we have been working for solving the problem fast that our customers have. We communicate with our customers and we solve the technical problem that occurs in the actual line, tackling situations and taking responsibility until good products are produced. By doing this, we have constructed good relationships and have been aiming to be a ‘First call company’ that customers come to first when there is a problem. This mentality is currently passed on as a sense of mission: ‘The general producer for metal finishing’ and this is expressed in our conduct to support problem solution in zinc plating from all aspects.
Currently, our activities are focused on the zinc plating market and we have a full lineup range of chemicals for zinc plating from cleaner and passivation to waste water treatment chemicals. Further, as well as chemicals, we also deal with equipment and machinery in order to solve the problems of those in the zinc plating shop. Now we have a concept which are ‘comprehensive chemical and machinery know-how’ and ‘creating human- and eco-friendly products’, so we can make a valuable proposal to our customers.
Because of the globalization our market is also expanding internationally focusing on Asia and environmental awareness is rising, we have to do with the advanced technology and environmental technology. Even if much markets or technologies change, our attitude of creating trusting relationships with customers never changes. We aim to continue in the future to be a company to which customers come first and we would like to contribute to the development of the metal finishing industry. We would also be happy if our activities led to development in the industrial area in Japan and throughout the world.

Company Profile
Company Name
: Taiho Co., Ltd.
: President Shinichiro Yamaguch
Head Office
 & Plant
: 2-37-18 Higashiryoke Kawaguchi Saitama, Japan 332-0003
: Jun. 9, 1972
Sales region
: Japan, Thailand, China, Indonesia
Company Profile
Research and Development Activities The advanced environmental products are produced in enhanced development system.

As a chemical maker, we cannot develop our products without being conscious of environmental issue. At Taiho, we always consider about the law and regulation of environment. And we develop the ‘eco-friendly products’ reducing the substance of environmental concern. Through activities based on these kinds of considerations, we can build the lineup for environmental products such as no-chromium passivation, hexavalent chromium-free passivation and zincate brightener.

Further, because of strict regulation of environment or the demand of highly efficient of plating chemical recently, we are enhancing our research and development system with advanced analysis equipment in order to respond to the demand for microanalysis.

Research and Development Activities
State-of-the-art laboratory functions in order to develop products rich in consideration for sites

At Taiho, we accumulate research and development taking into consideration the provision of ‘site-friendly products’ having well understood the needs of our customer’s sites. Ease of use, linkage to cost reduction, ability to save power, etc.: there is a broad array of factors that are required of ‘site-friendly products’. R&D workers visit sites daily and see properly with their own eyes and hear with their own ears the needs of the market, and then they engage in development.

Further, Taiho is also putting efforts into ‘joint development’ with customers. When there is no product that fits the customer’s needs or when creating a product ahead of the rest of the world, we proactively progress with new product development through joint development with customers.

Research and Development Activities
Technical Service Activities The service sticking firmly to actual line typical of a zinc plating specialist. Technical Service Activities

The motto of Taiho’s technical service is ‘site-coherent’. There are as many types of zinc plating sites as there are customers. We consider it very important to be in close contact with customers, to closely observe sites and to hear the true opinions of the customers in their own environment. In addition, our mission is to use our rich on-site experience to accompany the customer until they are finally satisfied with the plating. In cases where the level of technical difficulty is high, we propose problem solution proposals with a wide field of vision through close communication between technical service staff and R&D staff and therefore we are trusted by many customers. If, by any chance, a problem occurs on the customer’s production line, we consider ‘taking responsibility for the completion of plating’ as the top priority and we promptly dispatch staff to the site and execute measures in order to solve problems. We are also highly endorsed by customers concerning these types of partnerships. We provide these services not only in Japan but also overseas, in particular in South East Asia, and we have widely obtained the trust of people in the metal finishing business.

Production Activities Short delivery time and Engineering-to-Order manufacturing for customer satisfaction. Production Activities

A production line has its value precisely in the fact that it continues to move without rest day after day to produce the company’s products as planned. We consider that speed as a response to such cases as suddenly requiring our products is important. In addition, as customers require extremely high quality end products at the production site, there are many cases in which an individual product is demanded. is provided by our chemical products.

At Taiho manufacturing sites, there is also the possibility of individual response that can produce only the volume required to fit customer needs and we have, for our mission, the arrangement of a high quality guarantee system and the provision of stabilized products every day. In addition, consideration for the environment is also important. We are proactively tackling the recycling of polyethylene tanks, the reduction of waste materials and the reduction of substances that burden the environment, etc.